A look at height increasing shoes

By | June 8, 2013

Nowadays, appearance becomes so important. Most people believe that they can have a great confidence if they have good looking, too. There are so many factors which determine good looking and body height is one of them. There are still so many cases where people become unconfident with their looking just because of their height. This is why everyone need height increasing shoes.

Height increasing shoes are simple, but very useful solution. It does not use illogical ways in adjusting heights to its users. Basically, it uses some mechanical principal in adjusting height. People can see this mechanism at the shoes. Usually, there are two parts in this shoe: regular soles and deattachable soles. In order to make the users feel comfortable, the manufacturers make only 1.5 inches sole.


However, the sole is divided into 2 parts, as I have mentioned, the regular and deattachable soles. Since this is a synthetic way in increasing height, people still need some time to adapt with the shoes, but usually it only takes several days. Once the users get used to the shoes, there is nothing to worry about.

If the users still feel uncomfortable with the elevator shoes, they can try yo use only 1 inch sole instead of using the 1.5 inches. After having some time to adapt with the soles, they may re-attach the another 0.5 inch sole to get height adjustment.

So, as you can conclude from the mechanism, this sole helps it users by lifting their heels, not by directly adjust their body height.

There are so many manufacturers who produce shoes that make you look taller, so there are so many variations in this product. People can choose the best product for their life. Some online shop, like Amazon.com also offers the products. Please try to have a research before deciding which shoes you want to buy. Try to find out the shoes which can give you your desired adjusted height, but do not forget about the size. This is important because the space inside the shoes determines the air circulation which also determined tne convenience in wearing the shoes.

Most manufacturers sell their products at low cost. This make the shoes affordable foe most people and very useful investment not only for good looking, but also for health. This is a complete solution for people who have problem with their body height and searching for a simple and cheap solution.
Here are reviews of couple of such shoes available on the market:

CALDEN – K5655 – 3.2 Inches Taller – Height Increasing Elevator Shoes

Before we married, I am still taller than my husband. At first, we don’t pay any attention to this problem, until couple days before the wedding ceremony. Personally, I want my husband, at least, to be as tall as me. We got to this product after spending days looking for any available solution.

Well, I will tell a lie if I don’t say this thing doesn’t work. It even works perfectly: perfect size, function, and comfortability (just like what my husband always say to me). He is very amazed with the products. I think we are going to buy some more shoes on different colors and styles. Another thing we like from these shoes is their packaging. It looks very nice. Almost no one knows, from the outside, when my husband wears the shoes. It just looks like ordinary shoes for  him. Well, there is no reason for us not to recommend these shoes.

*UPDATE* Even during our honeymoon, these shoes work perfectly! During the dancing and other festivities, there is no moment when my husband did not wear his shoes. He found it very comfortable and did not harm his feet at all. He even still use the shoes today for some activities. Everyone at his office realizes that he is taller now, but no one knows he is wearing heigh increasing shoes.

CALDEN – K882899 – 3 Inches Taller – Height Increasing Shoes for Men

Reviews from customers:

When I choose these shoes, it was the first time I use heigh increasing shoes. I decided to put some gel insoles inside the shoes, but what I got is the shoe became too small for my toe and so uncomfortable, lot of pain while wearing it. I decided to remove the insoles and slip ? inserts in the shoes. Finally, the shoes fit to my feet and the pain has gone. 5 hours a day i use these shoes and never I feel any pain until today. For shorties out there, I strongly recommend these shoes. The $66 price is less worthy than the benefits you will get.


There are several product designs of these and the high-top one is, at least for me, perfect to hide your increased height because it has specific limitation for seeing your ankles. In the other words, you will get obvious lifts for your body if you can get more ankle.

The shoes has more than enough room to increase body height and maintaining the comfortability.

I got an extra 3 inches from these shoes, it makes me 5’10” now. For me, it works over my expectation!

These shoes works better than my New Rock boots. It gives me extra 3 inches.

These shoes proved to be durable and comfort enough. I think it will last more than half a year.

It has a very nice design. Wearing these shoes, some people even think they are actors! Very stylish, I think.

Even though the hip-top design made as perfect as possible, there is still some difficulties I found. It is relatively hard to slip in and out of the products when you have tight laces. I think the manufacturers can try to loose or just reduce the laces and try to tigthen some part, especially the upper part of the shoe.

For people whose feet are sensitive for any unusual pressure on the ball of their toes and feet, the shoes lift may become uncomfortable since it press the toes area forward. This should be another point that heigh increasing shoes manufacturer should concern about.

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