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Are shoe lifts suitable for men?

Shoe lifts are different from height-increasing shoes and elevator shoes. Basically, shoe lifts for men are composed of thick insoles that are placed in the normal shoes. Shoe lifts are intended to increase the height of a person. There is no doubt, that these shoe lifts are mainly responsible to increase height in elevator shoes… Read More »

Shoe lifts – another height increasing solution

There are people who are not satisfied with their present height. That’s why; they always make a way to meet their contentment. Shoe lifts are one of the most inexpensive ways to increase one’s height. It is one of the safest at the most comfortable way of boosting one’s self confidence. There are many shoe… Read More »

Does elevator shoes are a good solution for men?

Commonly known as lift or tall shoes, elevator shoes for men are special shoes made to increase invisibly the height of the shoe wearer. The shoes work simply by lifting the wearer invisibily by putting thick in-soles so the shoe wearer will looked taller (please refer to “Inside Elevator Shoes” for further info). Well, from the… Read More »

What are the benefits of elevator shoes?

Do you want to look taller? Are you wondering what to do to look perfect? Are you interested in making yourself tall and attractive? Are you tired of all exercises and supplements that claim you to increase your height? Do you want an answer to your question “how to look taller”? If your answer to… Read More »

What shoes make you look taller?

There are many shoes available that could make a person taller. A lot of women are very hungry with these shoes. There are various kinds of shoes that could make a person taller from 2 inches up to five. There are also men looking for shoes that would increase their stance. They do this to… Read More »

Shoe lifts – simple way to increase your height

2-Layer Height Increase Shoe Lifts I am 29 years old now, but I am only 5’5”. This makes me lose my confidence every time I meet people, including my wife. However, there is nothing for me to worry now since I got an extra 3 inches since I use these shoe lifts, with their insoles.… Read More »

Simple tips to look taller

Whenever you go outside, you always become an object to see. Everyone will see you from your appearance, whether you like it or not. Even though everyone knows that it is not good to judge other people by their appearance, appearance is still one important thing in our society. There are so many things people… Read More »

A look at height increasing shoes

Nowadays, appearance becomes so important. Most people believe that they can have a great confidence if they have good looking, too. There are so many factors which determine good looking and body height is one of them. There are still so many cases where people become unconfident with their looking just because of their height.… Read More »