What shoes make you look taller?

By | November 29, 2013

There are many shoes available that could make a person taller. A lot of women are very hungry with these shoes. There are various kinds of shoes that could make a person taller from 2 inches up to five. There are also men looking for shoes that would increase their stance. They do this to increase their confidence . So here is an overview of the types of shoes that make you taller.

Elevator shoes for men

There are different kinds of elevator shoes. It varies from leather, rubber and a lot more. Elevator shoes are made to give men 2-4 inches taller than they are. It is one of the best things that one could ever wear without others knowing that they are wearing a heel inside. The elevator shoes varies from size 6 up to size 12 for men. This shoes is best for men who are 4 inches shorter than any average man should have his normal height.

Stiletto for women

This popular high heel shoes are commonly seen on beauty pageants. This type of shoes not only increases one’s height. It can also boost up one’s self confidence in addition to making any woman sexier. Being gorgeously tall is not a problem, because any woman can wear this fantastic creation that would attract men.

Wedge Shoes

This type of elevating shoes is one of the most comfortable shoes to wear. It increases a person’s height from 2 – 5 . The materials being used to create this thing varies. It can be made out of rubber, wood, leather or plastic. Wedge types of shoes are surely better than a stiletto. The reason behind this is it would not give you too much leg pain that you could have on stilettos.

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