Can we grow taller after 25?

By | November 29, 2013

Human stops to grow whenever his or her epiphyseal plate closes. The human epiphysis is located at the end of each bone. This is the part of our body that contributes to the bone growth. Ones the epiphyseal plate closes, bone growth stops and this would mark the end of a person’s height. However, if a person’s age is 25 and older and not contented with his height, and wondering How to increase height after 25, it is possible for him to grow taller by doing the following methods.

A person with a short stature definitely has parents who have a short stance too. The explanation for this is genetics. One or both of his parents would pass the gene that has the trait of a short stance. There are also diseases that may affect a person’s height.

Turner’s syndrome is a chromosomal disease that gives a person a smaller height. The hallmark of the disease is having a short stature. Nutrition is another thing that affects a person’s height. If person practices a healthy diet, there would be proper nourishment to his bones and muscles. It is hard to tell if a person would still increase his height after the age 25.

The question that you’ll be asking to yourself – How to increase height after 25? Is it still possible for you to increase your height. Yes it is. If the answer is yes, what are the things to be done?

Vertebroplasty is one sure way of increasing a person’s height after the age of 25. This involves the lengthening of the human spine that would contribute to the height increase.

Another surgery would involve the long bones. These two ways of increasing a person’s height would definitely cost a person. However, by doing this method, it is certain that he or she would increase his or her height after the procedure.

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