Exercises and stretches to grow taller

By | June 8, 2013

Lets talk about exercises to grow taller. No one knows since when being a tall man/woman has become so important in our today’s life, but it is a reality everyone should face. Having short body, someone can lose opportunity for almost everything.

There are so many ways commonly used by people to increase their body height. In general, we can classify them into: natural and non-natural. People eat nutritious food and having certain physical exercises if they choose natural ways. Instead, people choose to have surgery if they want a faster way for their body. However, surgery is painful way to choose.

The best way for this purpose is still natural one. Combined with nutrition diet and proper physical exercises, it can give everyone taller body, yet a healthy one. However, always remember to let your body to rest for a period of time to let the whole system fixes what has been broken through the exercises and build new muscles. Among various physical exercises, stretching exercise is the best way to do. Having this exercise for 3 days in a row and 1 day to rest, you will get optimum result for your body. Repeat this ‘package’ as long as  you can.

Exercise 1: Growing taller by doing Yoga

Yoga will surely fulfill your dream to become taller. It will not only make you taller but also make you healthy as well. You will feel a prominent difference in your life after starting yoga. You must make sure that all yoga postures are not suitable for increasing height. You must practice only those postures that can help you. The famous yoga posture that will grow you taller includes side bends, curling thursts pose, cross legged pose and backstretch poses. These postures will surely increase your height. You must also try the next level or greater level of Yoga to gain the maximum results.

Exercise 2: Grow taller by swimming

Swimming is considered to be as the most famous and beneficial exercise to grow taller. You must start swimming in your daily routine. And if it is not possible for you to do it regularly then you at least do it twice a week. Swimming is the best activity that has a very low rate of injuries. In addition to this, swimming can provide a great workout for your whole body.

Exercise 3: Growing taller by hanging

The third most popular exercise to increase your height is hanging. For this, you must purchase a good quality bar that is strong and powerful from the market. And then begin your hanging exercise. If you cannot buy that bar then you can also do this exercise with the help of a tree limb. Basically, hanging aids you in growing taller by stretching joints and spines.

Exercise 4: Growing taller by stretching

If you will do the proper stretching then you can see a tremendous difference in your height. You must do stretching including standing twist, toe touch, standing posture and much more.

However, if you still want to find other exercises to increase your body height, you can try the following exercises:

a. Cobra

Follow the instructions below:

Lie your body on the floor and make sure your forehead has touched the ground. Now get your elbows tucked in at both your sides and now put your hand between your shoulders, then push your feet slowly to the ground. Now, you need to lift your head slowly from the ground and then look above while at the same time push your hands to the ground. Now, make your arms straighten back for a little more, then slowly lift your chest. Do the same steps for about 10 minutes.

b. Spine stretch

The main purpose of this exercise is to give a higher body, stretched feeling, and flexibility to everyone. Try the following steps:

Imagine that in front of you, there is a pilates ball. You will use this ball to keep your body spine lengthened up and keeping you away from being collapse. Then, lift your body up and make it over the pilates ball. Now, sit upright and make sure that your knees have beent ent and your feet have been on the floor. Now, try to adjust as much length as you can at this position. After that, drop your chin. Roll down (make sure that you do this step bone by bone) and reach your hands at this position. Get back to the prior position.

c. Deep chest and backstretch

Most people choose this exercise as the best. Let’s try to follow steps below:

Stand and face a wall or something flat. Now, use your feet to stand and your hands on the wall, supporting your whole body. Take breath, and whenever you exhale, make sure that you have lowered your chest. You can do this by bending you chest from your hips.

I hope this article can give you information you need to know about exercises to grow taller, but please keep in mind that the best way ini getting a taller body is not by taking medication or tough physical exercises. Just let your body works naturally. Eat healthy and nutritious food. Finally, combine all of them with PROPER physical exercises. Keep in your mind that all exercises you have done will be useless if you give your body no time to rest. Instead having a taller body, you will have a sick one. Human’s body is not like a robot, even a robot or machine needs time to rest.

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