Simple tips to look taller

By | June 8, 2013

Whenever you go outside, you always become an object to see. Everyone will see you from your appearance, whether you like it or not. Even though everyone knows that it is not good to judge other people by their appearance, appearance is still one important thing in our society.

There are so many things people will look from your appearance, but body height is something everyone will never forger to look. For tall people, this may not become a problem, but for short people, this can always be a big problem for them, especially when they do not have enough confidence to face everyone’s judge. From this, a classic question arises: “How to look taller?” or “How to Grow taller?”

There are so many ways people use to answer this question, both invisible and visible, natural and surgery etc. At this article, I will try to show you what you can do to look taller.

First : stay fit

First thing you should keep in your mind is you should always keep your body in a good proportion with your body weight. The fatter your body, the shorter you will be. If you have a good body proportion, your shadow will appear nicely. At this time, your problem has been reduced a bit.
In accordance to this, it is also very important to keep your body straight. Do your best to have this. Only with this way, your body can look taller and you will gain more confidence. This also relates on how good you choose your clothes. I should not teach you about this, you should learn by yourself. I will only provide simple tips.

Second: choosing clothes

To make a clear impression from everyone that you are a tall person, you should choose plain clothes or something similar to it. For your information, clothes designed with vertical stripes always create an optical illustion that the wearer is a slim person, having a good body proportion. You should also avoid clothes with messy colors.

There is a good news for you who love dark colors. This color works well for you. Everyone will see you as a tall man/woman if you choose dark blue, black, gray, and similar colors, but you should remember not to use clothes with checkered design, horizontal lines, and everything similar to it because they will work the opposite.

Please remember that your size is also important. Wear clothes which only fits yours. You can try to use topcoats combined with pads to make a taller illusion to people who look at you. Anyway, you can have another extra inches by wearing the appropriate coat, especially the one whcih reaches your back, but the lower one. Be careful with your coat because when it is too long, you will look shorter. Choose also the righ fabrics and simple materials which will help you look slim.

Never try to use folded trousers, but use the straight leg one. A simple combination from unicolor shoes and trousers will also work, too.

For your belt, only wear single color belt or just wear a belt which color is the same with your trousers.

Third: hairstyle

Different haircuts has different effects in visualizing you in complete frame. Any haircuts which is designed with high position at the top and thin side is perfect for tall impression. Make sure to remove all the volume from your hair because it will make your face fatter. Even though you may have different taste for your hair, try to have a skinny but beautiful hair to create an impression that your face is proportional and beautiful, not a fatty one.

Fourth: shoes

The simplest and easiest way to add extra inches to your body is to wear special shoes, whether height increasing shoes or jusst shoes with high platforms. Both these types has hidden parts which simply works to show you as a tall person.

There is an important thing that you should know about choosing the appropriate shoes for looking taller. There is still a belief in our society today that everyone who wears high platform shoes is insecure person. Whether you believe this or not, this is one thing you will get from the society if you still decide to use shoes with visible high platforms.

Here are some more tips on choosing the clothes:

Tip 1: Prefer to wear tight dresses

You must wear dresses with proper fitting. This will help in looking you taller. Basically, when you wear tight clothes it will highlight the curves and lines of your figure and thus enable you to look taller. On the other hand, if you will wear dresses that are loose and baggy, then they will hide the lines of your body and you will look smaller.

Tip 2: Do not wear carp shorts or Capri

If you want to look attractive and taller, then you must avoid wearing Capri or carp shorts. Basically, when you wear Capri they will automatically show your legs stubby and shorter. If you really want to wear shorts then you must wear only Bermuda shorts. These shorts typically have a small cut at the end and it helps in providing your appearance taller.

Tip 3: avoid wearing flat shoes

If you are interested in looking taller, then you have to avoid wearing flat shoes. Flat shoes will not help you in looking taller. You can look even shorter or smaller in height by wearing flat shoes. You must use shoes with medium or high heels. They will definitely help you to look taller

Tip 4: wear long shirts and do not wear skinny jeans

If you will wear long shirts then they will depict your torso to be lengthy and thus show you longer. In addition to this, you must strictly avoid wearing short and baggy shirts. Also, you must not wear skinny jeans because they will show your legs smaller and chubbier.

Tip 5: Use dark color to look taller

You must select all your dresses that have dark colors. These dresses will show you slimmer and ultimately you will look taller. You can have dresses in black, maroon, navy blue, chocolate brown and many more.

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