Shoe lifts – simple way to increase your height

By | June 8, 2013

2-Layer Height Increase Shoe Lifts

I am 29 years old now, but I am only 5’5”. This makes me lose my confidence every time I meet people, including my wife. However, there is nothing for me to worry now since I got an extra 3 inches since I use these shoe lifts, with their insoles.

Please let me tell you why I love these shoes so muucccchh!!
For the last 4 years, whenever I buy new shoes, I should also buy 4 Gel insoles pack, same amount for air-float foot pads, and also 2 gel insoles (full). I used to stack them in the shoes.  I have no reason for buying them, instead of my hope for being taller. If I count how much cost I should spend to buy all of them, it would be $30, but it just give me only 1 ? to 2 inches. My wife even said to me for placing high heels on my shoes .

This is why I buy this product….

These elevator shoes just came to my house today from WSWS and at the first time I saw them, I realized that I just saved a lot of my money because of these shoes. I TOTALLY LOVE THESE SHOES!!!! I am not only taller 2 inches like before, these shoes even replaces all stacked insoles I have in my previous shoes!!!

From what I’ve seen, the shoes working by pushing the heel close to the shoe brim, together with the optional bottom part of the shoes, it gives me another ? inch.

I used to use Lugz Men’s Dot Com shoes ( you can search them on Amazon), but they give me so much pain when wearing the shoes. However, there is no reason for me not to use these new shoes because they are very comfortable without any pain! I have used the shoes for walking for years with the insoles inserted, and it just fells normal to me. Well, sometimes I feel weird, but it just a feeling you know.

These products have save my life. They are so AMAZING, these products make me looked taller and I feel so. They are very comfortable and fit to my feet perfectly. Mine is 8 – 1/2 shoe, but there is nothing I should do with them since they are perfect for me and very comfortable. There are lines at the bottom of the insoles which need to be cut into the perfect size. You can use the lines as guidance where to cut, just to make sure that your insoles will fit the shoes well. Well, there may be some people who don’t realize about this, I think.

At first, I need some time to get used to the products, just like other people, but it does not take a long time for me because i feel very comfortable when wearing it even at the first time. I even amazed when I see how tall I am when wearing this product.

However, among many benefits I get from this product, it is not recommended to wear this product for running purpose or EXTREME Low Top Shoe’s. This is because you need to spare the shoes room to breath. As I have also said before, you can also detach the bottom heel from the insole because this is just an optionall part. In the other words, if you just want to have 1 extra inch, you can detach the heel, but if you want more, you can keep them in their place.

Per my experience, there is no reason for me not to recommmend this product for everyone, including people out there who are not shorties. They can give you better confidence and self-esteem. It may be too much when I say you will see the whole world in different point of view.

Well, for the final word, I should say thank you to WSWS for giving us this great shoes. I even think, for this great product, they can simply charge people 3 times more expensive than the current price!! Well, that is just my thinking.
For me these shoes are so perfect.

I hope this review will help anyone out there who are looking for any solution which can help them getting back their confidence and self-esteem by increasing their body height. Well, you should buy shoe lifts!!

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