What exercises help to increase height?

By | June 8, 2013

So, what about the exercises to increase height? There is a common belief in our society that someone can not increase their body height after 18. Well, from a medical point of view, this statement is both wrong and true.

That is true because human body has a growth plate. Located at the end of backbone, this plate will ossify, mostly when someone reaches 20 and then there will be no extra space for higher growth. However, this condition does not close all possibility to increase body height. It is still possible to gain extra 2 – 4 extra inches for your body, even though it will not happen by sudden.

There are various ways used by most people to increase their height, but most of them choose to have physical exercises. However, the best way is still an appropriate combination between proper nutrition diet, rest, and physical exercises. Talkin about exercises, we can classify them into 3 general categories: stretching, posture, and core exercises.

Stretching Exercises

There are some examples for this exercise, such as: standing forward bend, head to knee, and downward facing dog. All of these exercises can safely help you to increase extra body height.
Most people have spinal column accounts approximately 35% of their body mass. Having regular stretching exercises, everyone can possibly have a longer spinal cord and keep it flexible. Having a good flexibility, everyone can gain maximum height for their body.

Stretching is one of the easiest exercises that could be done anywhere. The exercise is best done in bed while lying down. This is simply done by starting to stretch your neck on both sides as well as up and down that would straighten up the cervical spine.

Hanging on bars for increasing height

Holding a grab bar, while hanging oneself into it, is another exercise to grow taller. With this method, the human spine as well as his joints straightens and lengthen the spine. When the human spine strengthens and straightens, the tendency would be to lengthen a person’s height. This is one of the unnoticed explanations why grab bars in each school are being created. People don’t know that this unnoticed playground content has a health benefit among children.

Sit and Reach

Sit and Reach is a type of exercise that measure’s one’s flexibility. By doing this exercise, the person tends to stretch his spine as well as his muscles. Through this, lengthening and straightening of the vertebral column contributes to the person’s height increase.

Increase height by doing vertical jumping

Basketball is one of the sports that young boys enjoy playing with their mates. Basketball involves an activity of vertical jumping. When a person jumps, the human cartilages are stimulated. The adolescent phase of the human development is the time where a person peaks his bone growth. That’s why basketball that involves vertical jump is best done during a person’s teenage years for maximum growth height.

Doing these simple exercise methods that would surely increase height naturally should be done properly for it to take its effect. When money is the problem while people cannot afford to buy expensive stuff for their height increase, carrying out these exercises would surely help them solve their problem. These Exercises to increase height are best done by teens in which they are engage with maximum height increase. However, adults could also try for there are reports that proved its effectiveness to humans.

Some more exercises:

Core Exercises

The main focus of this exercise is your lower back and abdomen. Sample exercises are side crunch, lower abdomen crunch, and leg raise.

Most people don’t know fact about core muscles. Some people think that core muscles play no role in increasing your body height, but this is wrong. The strength of body abdomen muscles are absolutely related to the strength of body’s muscles at the lower back. As you know, one of your muscles roles is to increase your body height and maintaining a good posture for your body as well as give your body a good flexibility.

Posture Exercise

This exercise is very important when you choose to grow naturally. It is because when you have an alligned spinal core, you can get optimum body height.

It is much easier to keep your neck and head in a good and healthy alignment with your spinal cord by having strong and healthy muscles in your neck, upper back, and also the side your body’s upper spine. Having these in your body, you will have a good body posture and gain optimum height. You can try bow your body down, ear to shoulder exercise, or even turkey stretch.

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