When do men stop growing taller?

By | November 29, 2013

Based on studies, people usually stop growing when they reach certain age, as for men age 25 and age 21 for women. Basically it starts shortly after puberty stage. The good news is that these numbers can be changed! Women can still possibly grow until 25 and men for 30. You just have to do certain things to achieve this such as exercises, physical activities, right diet and other things that will trigger your body to grow taller. Yes, it is still possible to grow taller even you have reached the age when your growth has stopped.

Whether you are 6’10” now or 5’0”, you still have the potential to gain 2 or 4 inches, or at some point, even more! You might ask, if this is the case then why most people don’t gain the height they truly desire? Well, simply because they don’t know or maximize their potentials to grow. This is where programs for growth potentials come handy. These programs are designed to facilitate height growth for people who are unsatisfied with their current height.

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