When do girls stop growing taller?

By | November 29, 2013

When talking about height, it is likely for girls to stop growing when they passed their puberty stage. At this point in time, their genes and hormones seem to have hit a wall and its growing rate starts to settle down. In about two or three years after the girl’s first menstruation, she will probably stop gaining height and within that period, only around an inch or two will be added to her height.


In general, an individual’s height may be dependent on his/her parent’s because of hereditary link. Well this may be true but not everyone is under this spell. You can safely say that if your parents are both tall, it I expected that you will also b tall. There are many hindrances to height growth such as kidney issues and hormone problems. While these and some other factors affect your body’s ability to grow taller, there are also a number of ways to counter them and make you gain height. So don’t panic if your family members are short and thin that you will be short too because there are ways to gain height, if you need to.


Just as trees need sunlight to grow, human also need several vitamins and minerals to grow tall. If you don’t eat right, expect your height to be not as great as you desire. You will notice that your height growth will be hindered shortly right after puberty. That is why eating a balanced diet is essential not just for your height but your overall health. If you want to grow to your highest potential, then eat foods that interact positively with hormones and bone growth. Vegetables and milk are highly recommended.

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