What are average human heights?

By | November 29, 2013

It is very interesting whenever we talk about human, especially human heights. From data we took from U.S government, we know that adult males in U.S have average height 5 ft 9.9 inches while the female 5 ft 4.3 inches. Average value of human heights depends on various factors, such as location, nutrition, genetics etc. That is why it is almost impossible for us to get an exact value of global average human height because there are too many different parameters in various nations. In fact, time also plays it role in determining human heights.


This is the first important factor playing role in determining human heights. Naturally, human height is firstly depends on where the people live and nurture. Other factors also play their role, too such as food diet, physical exercises, etc. For people who live in area with acute malnutrition, currently in war, or even disasters (both natural and man-made), it is almost very impossible to have normal human height. Ethnicities also play a great part in determining human height because it is closely related to human genes. For you know, Asian people are usually shorter than Anglo-Saxon people. A further research in China even discovered than Asian people have an inch human height shorter than American.


Usually, men have higher body height than women, however women can reach their full body height potential faster than men, but in general after reaching 20, men can ‘defeat’ women’s body height. This is because the differences between men and women gonad chromosome with XY for men and XX for femal. However, it is still possible to find women in specil ethnic who found to be higher than their men. There are still to many different parameters behind this phenomenon.

Walking Through the History

Time has proved its role in determining human height throughout the history. We can learn about how people live in a period of time by knowing about their average body height. A research taken in Ohio State University discovered that European people, especially their men has grown taller than 4 centuries behind (5 ft 5 inches). This is because extreme cold weather and bad political situation in the place at that time. The same research also discovered that Cheyenne people (North America) were the tallest people in the earth. Researchers found that this may came from their habit in eating high-protein food, such as buffalo meat.


Medical abnormalities such as gigantism and dwarfism will not drastically affect someone’s body height because there are only few cases of them. A medical research found that a native Illnois whose name Robert Pershing Wadlow ever became the tallest man on earth with 8 ft 11.1 inches, while Madge Bester, a native South African became the shortest female with 26 inches.

In the Future

Today, Dutch people should be proud because they are the tallest people on Earth with average body height 6 ft. Experts presume that they will be still the tallest until most people reach average height around 6 ft 2 inches (men) and 5 ft 8 inches (women). Scientists also try to learn from the history to find any references about how human will grow in the future.

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