Interview with a man who passed leg lengthening surgery.

By | November 29, 2013

Apotheosis (pseudonym of a New Yorker) is a thirty seven years old man who opted for painful and costly Height increase surgery to make him grow bigger by six inches. He was only five foot, six inches. He thought that the world had a different view of how he viewed himself and therefore wanted both views to be the same. Apotheosis, who was a little shorter than the average American male (5 feet 6 inches), was very unhappy about his height.

Apotheosis is not alone in this; doctors have proved that more men are in pursuit of limb lengthening procedures to improve on their images. A well-known orthopedic surgeon namely Dr. Paley proves to the world that he has successfully performed 650 surgeries for the purpose of leg lengthening in the past one year (at The Paley Institute, St. Mary’s Medical Center, West Palm Beach, Fla). He states that most of his patients suffer from dwarfism.

Apotheosis is one of many men who are following limb-lengthening methods for cosmetic reasons. These people who go for the cosmetic limb lengthening procedures are called height dysphasia. This is a condition that makes people unhappy with their height. Dr. Paley states that the view of these patients is hard to change and has very little effect on them. According to Dr. Paley, it is a “psychologic-psychiatric” disorder that can be easily cured using a knife.

At the age of 25, Akash Shukla decided to undergo a height changing procedure which would improve his height from the normal 4 feet 11 inches (at age 18). He said, “I felt like this state of being short was causing emptiness and giving no peace in my heart.”

In the present world, other people have claimed that the people suffering from this condition should accept this troublesome condition only for the reason that God gifted you such form! However, this does not make sense to the people suffering from this condition.  They are anyway trying to change their natural height. Shukla is one of such men who is now almost 5 feet 2 inches because of going through the surgery.

Limb lengthening cannot be compared to straightening teeth. Only very few doctors including Dr. Paley are able to do it in the USA.

Surgeons go through a procedure of implanting a telescopic rod in the middle of bones that are broken they carefully pull the bones apart, about 1 millimeter per day to allow for growth. This causes the growth of a new bone, tissues, nerves and skin to be regenerated, causing some increase in the length of the limbs.

The procedure is very expensive (around $85,000) and the patients go through excruciating pain.  At least 3 months need to complete the whole procedure.

Apotheosis is still going through the lengthening procedure which is approximated to take three months. He thinks that he could experience further complications at any time in this recovery process. Therefore, he is not sure about the procedure’s success.

He told that he did not influence anyone to go through the risky surgery but just explained his experiences and successes he had taken out from the procedure so that anyone suffering from growth problem would make his own decision.

Lots of people search the internet for doctor’s advice, especially foreign doctor’s advice to find the best deal when it comes to surgery cost.

Apotheosis made a tour to Germany to implant internal rods and so, he is responsible for controlling leg lengthening, bending legs from side to side to lengthen the rod included inside.

Even though the whole procedure is painful and costly, patients like Apotheosis are completely impressed with those just few more inches increasing of height, as it makes a huge difference to their lifestyle.

Apotheosis said, “While I am walking down the street, the world supposes me a different person.”

He chose his name Apotheosis (Greek word) which means to be godlike, and becoming the best you can be. That is what “I wanted to be” he added. “Not trying to be a superman, just to be the best what I can be.”

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