How does leg lengthening surgery work?

By | November 29, 2013

Limb-lengthening is a very difficult process. However, it does not make any use of torture devices. Only very few doctors in America are well able to handle the whole process. Limb-lengthening is a process that takes around three months.  After then, the patient must go through a vigorous physical therapy until they are stable.

This process involves a doctor breaking the shinbone of the patient and inserts a rod that is telescopic. The purpose of the rod is to pull the bone apart in a gradual manner, about 1 millimeter per day. After some time, some new bones, arteries, nerves, and skin grow and thus fill the gap that has been created. On average, the whole process costs about $85,000, a figure believed to be much less abroad.

How much taller it can make you?

It is believed that this kind of surgery is able to add some two or three inches to the overall height of a patient. However, Apotheosis, the New York man was able to successfully add six inches to his original height, which was 5 foot 6 inches. Akash Shukla, 25 was able to grow a total of 4-foot-11 to 5-foot-2. It must be known that this surgery can never be performed on a person who is way over the 5-foot-9 mark.

Is the procedure secured?

The procedure of limb lengthening has not been fully proven as safe. However, studies done in the International Orthopedics Journal revealed that frequent complications come with the treatment. Such complications include paralysis, damage to the nerves, hip problems and uneven lengthening.

This treatment must really hurt, right?

The pain that comes with this treatment is excruciating. Jack, who went to China for this limb-lengthening surgeries, proves that he went through so much pain that left him with much regret. He goes further to state that the doctors were not willing to offer him pain killers since they could interfere with the growth of bones.


Who goes for leg-lengthening?

A majority of the people who suffer from dwarfism and deformities are the ones who opt for the leg- lengthening procedure. These are the people who have not helped through therapy. Height dysphoria is the process of getting this treatment for cosmetic reasons. Shukla, who has been under 5 feet tall, describes being short having a void in his heart. He further states that he is not alone in this; everybody in the world tries their best to alter what God has given them. For example, kids get braces for their crooked teeth.

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