Acupuncture and HGH

By | November 29, 2013

We all know that body massage is a way of body relaxation, but how does it sound that it helps you to grow taller? You might think massage has no relationship with bones and spines. Yes, that’s partially true.  Massage and growth have no direct relation, but in a way massage can help to stimulate the hormones and glands which are responsible for your growth.

For thousands of years, many cultures have been using massage as a way of body relaxation and comfort. It is used along with Acupuncture in China. In addition to this, it has been discovered that the production and function of hormone and growth are stimulated by massaging different reflex points in various parts of our body.

According to Chinese medication, massage should be focused on holistic of a person, which is not a distinct separation of each part of our body but as a whole. So, we are not talking about the bones and spines but also other parts, everything from your food habit to your living style as well as emotional state.

As you can feel normally, body massage has many benefits. One of such is to relax your emotional state which comes from your body relaxation. When you physically feel good, your emotion should also be good. When you feel stress, many free radicals are created in your body, and they damage your cells. You can prevent the damage of the cells by relaxing your emotions. By releasing pressure, you can have full capability to excel which has a great impact on increasing your height.

Now, let’s talk about what are those reflex points that influence our body heights. Massaging on the accurate reflex points has a direct relationship to the growth of hormone. This is because human neuron system is connected to the pituitary gland which then in turn is connected to thyroids.

A signal is sent from the pituitary gland to the thyroid by stimulation during massaging certain reflex points. And as a consequence of this, hormonal growth occurs which is one of the important factors for increasing your height.

However, there are numerous reflex points in the human body, and amongst them at least two are related to body height. You will find one such point on the pad of your thumb, and the other is in your whole neck. You can stimulate your growth hormones by rubbing these parts in a clockwise direction.

Whatsoever, now-a-days many small handy devices are found in the market which applies body’s Galvanic current to stimulate these reflex points. This may be a good way but may have some side effects. Along with stimulating hormones, these devices are also used for beauty and some health purpose. But it is a great idea to use your reflex points rather than spending money for buying them.

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