Best way to predict a child’s adult height

By | November 29, 2013

There is no definite method to exactly predict the adult height of children. As a child’s height depends on genetics and hormones, it is not possible to calculate the adult height of a child accurately using any mathematical equation. But, there are some techniques that allow us to predict a child’s adult height up to certain accuracy level. With these techniques, it is possible to guess what a child’s possible growth will be. Most of these methods use hereditary information. Two popular techniques are described below.

This method uses the heights of the child’s parents to predict the adult height of the child. In this method, the first step is to add the heights (in inch or centimeters) of father and mother of the child. Then, if the child is a boy, add 5 inches (or 13 cm), and if the child is a girl, subtract 5 inches. At last, divide the result obtained in the previous step by two. This is the final result.

The adult height of most children remains within 4 inches (10 cm) of this assessment.

This method is easier compared to the former technique. In this method, you just need to double the child’s height at the age of two for getting the approximate adult height of the child.

A vital point here to remember here is that every child grow at different rates. Some children begin to grow at an early age while others start at a later age. It is completely normal. But, if you think there is any problem regarding your child’s growth, don’t be tensed. Seek help from a doctor.

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